Bơm bê tông SCM kiểu trailer

SCM Concrere pump trailer
Main Technical Performance & Speciality

Equipped with international and high qualitied systems, such as the hydraulic pump, the hydraulic valve, the hydraulic are-clooer and PLC German, the tube, joint and seal in American, and the unit in French. These parts are offered by the well-known companies in China such as the cylinder, the swaying pump, the concrete pump, the "glasses" plate made fo hard alloy and the automatic lubrication device. The reliability of desigb ensures products high quality.

1. The concrete output pressure can come true the high and low exchange.

2. The hydraulic system is the constant power control three-returning system and the hydraulic pump is the axial plunger variable pump. The capacity of output ia dajusted by the electricity handle. The circulating assignment  adopts the constant power control system. The air-cool radiator ensures the circulating oil is always kept within of 65

3. The exchanging control is combined with the electrical and hydraulic control. The electronic adopting PLC can control exactly and work reliably. The long-travelling design of the transmission positon reduces the change-over times, the cracking forces and makes its longevity.

4. The pump is made up of the big concrete pump, the excellent structured hoppper and the advanced moment mix device. The extraordinary pumping in performance is perfect. The S tube distributing valve equipped with the float-seal cutting ring automatically adjusts space. The non-touching induced direction change-over system is adopted to the oil pump resulting in exact and coordinative movement.

5. The fully automatic lurication device provided a good lubriting efficiency for the position, the S tube distributing valve and the mix device.

6. Power equipped with the motor and diesel accordigng to client's requirement

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Bơm bê tông SCM kiểu trailer
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